My name is Adam and I am 23 years old. I began losing my hair at the age of 16 which as you all know causes a lot of confidence issues, especially as an adolescent. Through the years I tried everything from other big companies and their Laser Therapy with Minoxidil 5% topic treatment to a combination of Rogaine and Propecia. I even tried a drug called Dutasteride which was clinically proven to inhibit 90% of DHT molecules. By the time I had reached the age of 20, I had accepted that none of these therapies were going to bring my hair back; just slow down the inevitable and have some harsh side effects. Because of this, I began to look at other options to cover up my hairline such as the Topik product range, which due to my highly active life style began to run after several hours of training. I found a touch of hair in December of 2009. Before this date, I hated walking in the wind for it would blow my hair back. I never went swimming and you would rarely see me without a hat and I hated clubbing. I was very self-conscious and was a really quite person. I can honestly say without a doubt in my mind that signing up for there program was the best decision I have made to this date, and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I am no longer paranoid about people staring at my hairline or making bald jokes; I love the beach, I love swimming and I love the sun. I work out up to 6 hours a day studying Mixed Martial Arts without any issues. A touch of hair are extremely friendly and I now consider them my personal friends. They are very welcoming and make you feel very comfortable. I am writing this testimonial because I remember how much I use to hate the outdoors and everyday life because of my problem. And anyone who reads this and has felt the struggles that I have mentioned above; then I HIGHLY recommend calling A TOUCH OF HAIR. …Believe me it is worth it.